Our (Abridged) Family Album
We can't possibly fit all the pictures we take, even all the good ones, on an album page. These are highlights. They are here because they capture a unique moment, or they recognize an event, or we all managed to get in the frame at the same time, or they tickled my fancy. For more pictures, go back to Barbie's main page and look for links.
May 2005
Yosemite 2005 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Dressed for a night out in Santa Cruz., May 2005
At Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park, with Half Dome in the background. June 2005 Eight longtime friends gather for an afternoon at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for rides and fun.. L to R: Alison, Sarah, Robert, Ali, Peter (in front), Brian, Lizzie, Kate. June 2005

Family June '04
Alison's 14th Birthday

Alison's 8th grade graduation from
Peninsula, June 16, 2004
Alison and Brian with lifelong friends Ali, Kate, Lizzie and Sarah, May 2004

Brian and Alison as demons for Halloween (2002) Details of Halloween '02. Click for larger images

Brian, Alison and friends ready for the Renaissance Faire (fall 2001) Brian gives Alison a ride. (August '01) Brian, Bart and Oscar watch the pouring of the foundation (8/01) Alie and Oscar watch the pouring of the footing through the rebar of the future basement walls (8/01)

Bart, Brian, Alison & Barbie
at Bear Valley  Late Winter 2000
Bart and Alison ready for the wilds of Grizzly Bowl in late winter, 2000 Alison, Barbie, Bart and Brian on Lopez Island (August '00)


Barbie at the Joosten Familiedag in Den Haag (9/98)