International Cats

The Netherlands

The cats we encountered were either indoors or close to home with collars and a ready purr. We saw no obvious strays. The winters are just too cold, I guess.

Cats in SneekFriesland. These cats knew where to be on a cloudy day.

Gouda. Basking in the occasional sunbeam.



Stray cats were everywhere. Some lingered near food sources, others were tended to by good samaritans.
 All seemed well fed and healthy, if a little tinged by city dirt.

Our tour guide to the Parthenon
- black and white to match the shadows and the marble.


   In the ruins of the Roman Agora, looking out.Roman Ruins Cat  

Cafe CatCafe cat in the Athens Plaka district.

Heater Cat

                                           In the narrow doorway of a tiny shop in Athens.

Minding the store. (Look up)

Fish Monger


    At the fish market.


Immortalized in polished pebbles. Rhodes