All the animal figures in these tiles are based on photographs. These two figures are no different. The background figure is of my daughter, Alison, and was taken on a California beach in the spring of 2002. The foreground figure is based on a photo I took of my niece, Marlise, on a Washington beach in the summer of 2001. Marlise's picture was flipped for the sake of a more balanced composition. It was also used, unflipped, on a Delft-style tile I did for another project you can see by clicking here. Using photos instead of my own drawings allowed me to focus my attention on the overall composition and the technical aspects of the resist and glazing. Time did not allow me to come up to speed on Washington wildlife illustration. All non-animal images come from my own head and my own hand.

For an interesting article on the use of lenses to assist in artistic endeavors throughout history, check out this article. It seems likely that classical painters used lenses to help them render their images with greater realism  from about the 1420's until the advent of photography.