These tiles will cover the fronts of stair risers. Each step represents a level of Lopez Island, from the bottom of the bay, up to the beach, the meadow, the forest and into the sky. The technique is a variation on cuerda seca (dry line) used in the Arts and Crafts style tiles of the early 20th century. I tried a traditional mix of oil and mineral pigment for the lines, but sometimes it flaked off after firing. I am now using a commercial wax resist which will let the natural color of the quarry tile show as the line. I transfer the design to the blank tile using carbon paper. Then I apply the resist to the line using a small squeeze bottle with a metal tip. When that dries, it forms a barrier for the glazes so that each shape can be filled in without the glazes flowing together. The quail, kid and bottle tiles have links to further technical details relevant to those tiles and to the project as a whole.

I use this page to test new design ideas, so it will change periodically. As work progresses, the drawings will be replaced with scans of actual tiles. Last updated 8/22/02.