Weaving Projects

Wandering Vine Linen Runner
Date completed:     August 1, 2006    

Pattern:    Wandering Vine (Cat  Track, Snail Trail) -  Davison

Warp:      Euroflax 14/2, Willow   
Tabby Weft:     Euroflax 14/2 (French?) Blue   
Pattern Weft:  Euroflax Sport Weight
Sett:    20 epi 
Finished length:   28"    
Finished width:    13"    

Length on warping board: 2 yds,
Length fresh off loom: about 36"
Width in reed: 14.5" 
Notes: Pattern is woven as written in Davison,
not as photographed. The difference is in whether
or not one of the lines crosses from one side to the
other in the neck of the hourglass. Washed on delicate.
vine runner
vine runner

Four Critter Shawl
Date completed:     July, 2006    

Pattern:    Tabby 

Warp:   Mostly handspun maroon merino 
            20% of heddles had commercial mohair
                   paired with a multicolored rayon boucle

Weft:   half "Italian Angora" from Newton's knits
            half handspun black llama from WA state  

Sett:    10 epi 
Finished length:    78"   
Finished width:     23.5"   

Length on warping board: 3.25 yds
Width in reed: about 25"
Technique and finishing: Beaten loosely, balanced with warp. Fulled in washer on "Extra Delicate" for about 10 minutes. Deliciously soft.

The "four critters" are sheep (merino), goat (mohair),
rabbit (angora) and llama.
four critter shawl

Click on this picture for a larger
image of the whole shawl
four critter close

On-The-Fold Handspun Blanket
Date completed:     2000?    

Pattern:   Tabby, woven on the fold  

Warp:    Handspun wool - 2-ply  
Weft:     Handspun wool - 2-ply   
Sett:   ?? about 8 epi for each layer  
Finished length:       
Finished width:        
Notes: I did this just to see if I could.
It turned out so soft that I have another
one planned. It needs more fulling than the 10 minutes I gave it in the washer on Delicate.
handspun blanket

This blanket is twice as wide as my loom can
weave because it was woven with a fold at
one side and two open edges at the other.
The closeup is more the true color.
handspun blanket

Natural Dye Silk Scarf #2
Date completed:         

Pattern:   tabby  

Finished length:    about 60" plus fringe   
Finished width:    about 6"    
Notes: I like the results of the first silk scarf so much that I wove one for my Mother-In-Law. For her coloring (white hair and blue eyes) I chose different colors - mostly logwood and cochineal for a purple range with a touch of fustic for accent.

Natural Dye Silk Scarf #1
Date completed:         

Pattern:    Pointed Twill, changing direction with each warp chain. 

Finished length:    60" plus fringe   
Finished width:      5"  
Notes: I painted the warp at a Michelle Wipplinger workshop. Each chain was dyed separately so the colors change differently along each individual chain.


Sun, Moon and Stars Blanket
Date completed:     1986??    

Pattern:   Sun, Moon and Stars

Warp:   Lilly 5/2, same for tabby weft  
Weft:    Handspun single ply wool   
Sett:    12?? 
Finished length:       
Finished width:        
Notes: I bought this fleece on my first trip to Lopez Island in 1981. It was huge, beautiful and, for a student budget, cheap. Bart, Mark and I drove it home in Big Chunky, their 1965 GMC suburban. A dirty fleece, no air conditioning, driving down the central valley in July - it was, um, aromatic. Bart and Mark bore it with good humor.

Moths ate part of the project in the years it took me to wash, spin and weave all the wool. What is left is a wonderful couch blanket with many fond memories woven into it.
sun. moon and stars blanket
Sun, moon and stars close

The spinning was all done on my tiny antique wheel. I never did manage to spin anything finer than chunky weight on it, so this blanket is single ply.

Date completed:         


Finished length:       
Finished width:        

overall image
closeup image
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