Textiles and Other Fiber Stuff

Conference of Northern California Handweavers -
Check out the web pagewww.cnch.org
CNCH 2004 will be held up in Santa Clara and the commercial booths will be there. Here is a chance to do some fiber shopping on a day pass if you aren't interested in the in depth workshops that come with full conference registration.

Convergence 2004
This gathering of spinners and weavers was be held in Denver, Colorado in early July, 2004. Weavers from around the world gathered in scenic Denver to inspire and be inspired. Check out the website at http://www.weavespindye.org/convergence2004/ to see images and info about the Denver Convergence.

Connections - to other textile sites on the web

Black Sheep Handweaver's Guild - local SF Bay Area guild and activity info.

Dharma Trading Company - local source for natural dyes and other dye related supplies.

Spinners and Weavers Housecleaning Pages - if you want to compare prices and availability of used equipment on a nationwide basis.

Weaving Resources - for well organized connections to other places on the web.

A very comprehensive merchant website list.

Custom Handweavers - our local weaving resource for supplies and classes.

Current Projects

At Work
Here are a few scenes from the weaving room at Peninsula School  where I have been the weaving teacher since 1995. We explore a wide variety of topics from the basic over-under  arrangement of warp and weft to 4-shaft overshot like that seen in Colonial coverlets. I also teach 2-3 week mini courses during the year on topics like natural dyeing, batik, handspinning and tapestry.

At Home

Handspun, handwoven blanket
I finally finished a handwoven blanket, using all yarn that I had spun. I warped the loom with a twill and wove it on the fold to get extra width. Then I tossed it in the washing machine for about 10 minutes to full it. It was loosely woven and could proabably use still more fulling, but it doesn't snag and is sooooo soft, so I'm leaving it be.

Doramae Keasbey's seminar on weaving transparencies gave me oodles of ideas. Imagine a loosely woven, stiff linen hanging with thicker inlays creating an opaque picture. The picture shows in color when the light shines on the face, and as a silhouette when backlit. I'm spinning some white flax for the warp and using a support spindle to spin some FoxFibe natural brown cotton for the weft.