Rafting in Utah, June 1999
We drove to Arizona and then on to Utah for a 4 day, 3 night raft trip
down the San Juan River. The river guides took care of all the logistics,
 including guiding the boats, doing fun activities with the kids, and cooking
the meals. We were able to focus on relaxing and spending time with the kids.

canyon raft
The San Juan River in
southern Utah on a Sierra
Club Family Trip gave us
a relaxing four day
experience of the

our tent
Our tent and clothes were all we
had to keep track of. We kept
our belongings in dry bags both
on and off the boat. The weather
was either clear, warm and sunny,
or pouring rain.

feet first
We took lots of turns floating
down some mild rapids feet
first. Guides helped the kids
out of the water at the end
of each run.

Individual and double kayaks were
available for those who wanted a
break from the boats. Brian struck
up a friendship with Joe, who was the
uncle of some other kids on the trip.

One of the guides showed the kids
how liquefaction works. They took
off their water shoes and tramped
quickly on the wet sand, making

morning coffee
Morning coffee was
always ready when
we got up. You can
see the handwashing
buckets near Bart's

The kids wore their rain gear while
 roasting marshmallows. In the
storm on the first evening, Brian
carried messages from tent to tent
as we waited for dinner to be ready.                       

Camping Scene
This scene from near our tent
shows the morning glow on the
canyon sides. The yellow rectangle
 in the background is the privy -
the first thing set up in camp
and the last thing taken down.
The view from it was always

Sierra Magazine pic
This picture of Alison
showed up in the
January '03 issue
of Sierra Magazine