California Coast 2002
~south past the missions and north
along the coastal mountains~
During spring break, the kids and I were joined by their cousin Lorin Dole for a trip around the Central California Coast.
Brian and Lorin were 13 and Alison was 11.

Day 1
Menlo Park
to San Luis Obispo
san juan bautista
Our first stop along Highway 101 was Mission San Juan Bautista. Our trip had really begun. (photo from link)
Mission Soledad
Mission Soledad had a cat. We marked it as the first animal in the scavenger hunt in our journals.
mission san antonio
Mission San Antonio had peacocks. We had to go through an army base to get there. I fell on my rear backing up to take a photo.
Mission San Miguel came just when we needed a break.
Mission San Miguel
The spacing of the missions makes them good rest stops.

mission map
We arrived in San Luis Obispo in time to check in to the Youth Hostel and walk to get some dinner

Our room had a double bed and twin bunks in a big house in a nice neighborhood (photo from link)
SLO Hostel
Day 6
to Menlo Park
We left Monterey after breakfast  and drove back home to Menlo Park.

Day 5
Monterey all day.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium and ate dinner on Cannery Row.

Day 2
San Luis Obispo
to Big Sur

We watched elephant seals on the beach, toured Hearst Castle and drove up Highway 1 to Big Sur

Lorin had never seen elephant seals before.
elephant seals

hearst library
At Hearst Castle we took tour 2, through the upper rooms plus the kitchen and the pools.

Alison liked the ancient Greek vases that lined the library walls. (photo of library from Hearst Castle link)

The rug in this library was as big as the first house Bart and I lived in.

Hearst Castle
The upper rooms at Hearst Castle gave a great view of the ocean.

Day 4 
Big Sur to Monterey

Big Sur Coastline
We drove north on Highway 1, stopping to take in the scenery.
Point Lobos
At Point Lobos we saw sea otters in their natural habitat, floating in the kelp

Monterey Youth Hostel
We stayed at the Monterey Youth Hostel, just a few blocks from the Aquarium. We played board games in their common room in the evenings and had a room to ourselves with a double bed and a bunk bed. (photo from link).

Day 3
Big Sur all day

beach ride
We took a guided horseback ride out to the beach at  Molera State Park in the afternoon with Molera Horseback Tours.   

Cabin 8 at Ripplewood Resort in Big Sur was our home for 2 nights.
cabin 8 at Ripplewood
The kids played with magic cards and read books when we weren't outside roasting marshmallows or watching the nearby river. 

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