Half Dome

Yosemite Valley
April 2003

On the cusp between winter and spring.

April is a transition time in Yosemite. The snow is leaving the valley floor and rains are beginning to swell the rivers. It is too late in the season for winter tourist activities like ice skating and snowshoe ranger hikes and it is still too early for rock climbing and horseback rides. The valley is relatively quiet and the humans who go at that time of year are more likely those who enjoy the valley for it's own natural splendors. The trails are nearly empty and it's easy to get a seat on the free shuttle buses that circle the valley. The views are as variable and spectacular as the weather.

There were six of us on this trip - my father-in-law, my two nephews from Washington State, my own two teenagers and myself. We had a single Housekeeping Camp unit that gave each of us a bed or cot to sleep on, a sheltered area for cooking and eating, and a fire pit - all with a view of the Merced River and the sheer face of Glacier Point. We took advantage of sunny spells to hike up to Vernal Fall (the kids braved the Mist Trail and made it to the top) and up the trail to the bottom of Upper Yosemite Fall. Rest times were filled with Magic Card games and campfires. It was a memorable trip.


Tunnel View
Oscar and grandkids at Tunnel View

Lorin and Galen
Lorin and Galen and a ground squirrel
[Alison photo]

Brian in camp
Brian in Camp [Alison photo]

Alison and Brian
Alison and Brian dressed for warmth

[photo to come]
The kids played with Magic cards when it was too wet to hike or bike

(Some pictures haven't been scanned yet)

Back Home

easter hunt
An Easter egg hunt

pysanky egg decorating
Decorating blown eggshells with wax and dye

Easter feast
An Easter feast before the travelers return to the Northwest


our camp kitchen
Our cooking shelter. The bunks are
visible through the curtains at the left.

[photo to come]
Our sleeping quarters

Housekeeping Camp
Ours was the unit on the right half of the shelter

Alison with cocoa
Alison with morning cocoa

Campfires are always welcome


the kids
En route to Vernal Fall
Galen is wearing the coveted green hat

Vernal Fall
At the top of Vernal Fall (the specks by the top are the kids)

Oscar on the trail
Oscar on the Yosemite Falls trail

boys at the falls
The boys at the bottom of Upper Yosemite Fall. Brian got the green hat.

granite scramble
Scrambling on granite on our first day


misty river and glacier point
Glacier Point from our camp
[Alison photo]

Falls and River
Yosemite Falls from near camp
[Brian photo]

high snow
Snow on high ground
[Alison photo]

big rock
That's one big fallen rock...

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