Tower Bridge kids
England 2005
A group of Peninsula School kids
goes to England (and France) with the
Independent Schools Cultural Alliance (ISCA)

We have just returned from our marvelous adventures in England. We saw many, many sights and had many uniquely English experiences. It will take a while to sort out all the stories and recollections. Here are some pictures to give an idea of where we were and what we did. All the kids made it safely to their destinations at the end, but I'm still dreaming about counting to eleven in English castles.

To see SOME pictures from each day or activity, click on "First Week," "Second Week," and "Third Week," or the photos next to them. These overviews will be pared down further when I have time, so if they seem too cumbersome for efficient viewing, check back in a few weeks.

To see ALL the pictures that were taken on the trip (except those eliminated for quality reasons), click on the itineraries in the columns below.

This is a quick posting of my pictures as chaperone and group leader for the Peninsula School contingent of the 2005 ISCA England Program. Since I came home with over 1,400 images, I have grouped them to make downloading faster and viewing easier. Each set has up to 360 pictures, usually fewer. Horizontal lines separate the batches.

I hope at some point to have a way of making the original large versions of the pictures available to those of you who might want prints from them. I'm looking into how best to do this. I may post some (I can't do all) of the pictures on a commercial site like Kodak or Shutterfly that allows photo ordering.

If you have favorite pictures that you want to be sure get included in this, email me with your requests (look for the 4 digit picture number that comes before "NEF" at the botton of each photo). Group leaders from each school involved in this years ISCA program and the parents of the kids I led all have my email address.

Last updated August 3, 2005

CharterhouseFirst Week -
Monday, July 11 to
Sunday, July 17
(261 photos)
StonehengeSecond Week -
Monday, July 18 to
Sunday, July 24
(385 photos)
London EyeThird Week -
Monday, July 25 to
Sunday, July 31
(272 photos)

July 11 -

July 12 - 

 July 13 -

July 14 -

July 15 -

July 16 -

July 17 -

We leave SFO

Arrive in England
Walk to the local village of Godalming
Voluntary soccer game
Welcome Barbecue

Visit Wnchester

Greenwich Observatory
Boat Trip on the Thames
Westminster Abbey

(183 photos)

On Campus
Horseback riding (Photos by Laro MacKenzie)

(360 photos)

Westminster Walk
Houses of Parliament
Cabinet War Rooms
Leicester Square and Picadilly Circus

(79 photos)

On Campus
U.S. Staff go to Bradford-Upon-Avon

July 18 -

July 19 -

July 20 -

July 21 -

July 22 -

July 23 -

July 24 -

Porstmouth/H.M.S. Victory
Arundel Castle
Fishbourne Roman Palace

Science Museum
British Museum
Covent Garden
Presentation on Stonehenge and Bath

(253 photos)

Caerleon Roman Fort and Barracks (Wales)

On Campus
Horseback Riding
Barbecue and Dance (no photos, by request)

(239 photos)

Warwick Castle

Musem of London
St. Paul's Cathedral
City of London Drive
Tower of London
Voluntary volleyball game

(207 photos)

On Campus
U.S. Staff to to Lymington

July 25 -

July 26 -

July 27 -

July 28 -

July 29 -

July 30 -

July 31 -

Millenium Brindge
Shakepeare's Globe Theatre
Tate Modern Museum
London Eye
Voluntary cricket match

Cap Blanc Nez
Calais (Cite Europe Mall)

On Campus
Walk to Godalming
Indoor Sports

(331 photos)

London on our own:
Hyde Park picnic lunch
Walk up Picadilly Ave
Picadilly Circus
Trafalgar Square
National Gallery
Covent Garden:
Dinner at Porter's
Rendezvous with ISCA

Blenheim Palace - tour and grounds

Windsor Castle
Steam Boat ride on the Thames
Farewell Barbecue and dance

Leave for Heathrow and home

(159 photos)