Victoria, B.C.
August 2006

Bart and Barbie retrace some steps with their kids and Bart's parents

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The Inner Harbor
Victoria was populated by brightly painted bears as a fundraising civic art project. This one stood at the harbor with the Parliament building behind. 
harbor bear

The Provincial Museum
The kids appreciated the exhibits tracing British Columbia's history from early fossils through human habitation. The dioramas give the experience of another time and place.




The Empress Hotel
Alison was impressed by its splendor  when we returned for another steamboat meet in 1996. I promised to take her to tea there when she was older. Ten years later, we're back at last.

In front of the hotel are two of the many Prius taxis we saw in Victoria. Canadians seem very aware of energy and climate issues. There were some informative climate displays in the B.C. museum.

Tea Ladies
Ready for Tea
Alie, Alison and I had afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel (the roof of which can be seen behind us). It was a delicious collection of savory sandwiches, sweet treats and fragrant tea (the Empress' own blend, of course).

Our motel, the Crystal Court, is just a short walk to the Empress, the harbor and the museum. It was built in 1949 and will be gone in the next few of years.




The Butchardt Gardens
We took a leisurely stroll through the gardens after leaving Victoria.  We ate sandwiches under a rustic arbor at the edge of the rose garden.

Crystal Court Motel
I came here as a child, and remembered it when we came for a Steamboat Meet in 1991. Alison was a babe in a backpack for that trip; Brian stayed with Alie and Lorin on Lopez.
hotel room




The Rose Garden
Bart and I came here on our honeymoon in 1983 before going on to Lopez.  It  feels like a full circle to come here with this group. On both visits, the weather was gorgeous. In spite of the crowds, we managed to keep our group together and get some quiet pictures.

Alie's new walker got a workout on this trip. It served as a general carryall as well as doing duty as a support and a seat.

The Japanese Garden
This was a peaceful maze of winding paths on a hillside, full of varied textures and shades of green as well as small winding streams.

Alison is wearing the same shoes I wore for my wedding 23 years ago.




The Star Pond
Brian in Canada-Land. He had his own sound track through the gardens and shared the Medieval Baebes with us in the Italian Garden - just the place for music in Latin.

Italian Garden Gelato
We all shared a double scoop of gelato in the shade of a lovely arbor before heading off to the ferry and home.

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