Here's the headstock of the 16" South Bend lathe.
I still need to disassemble and strip this & repaint.


Here are the half nuts resting on the 50's psych ward green carriage.  The repainted
compound & cross slide can be seen as well.

Here is the top half nut w/ the rather rounded over threads.

The old threaded portion of the cross-feed screw and the old nut
are to the left; the reapaired screw and new nut are seen assembled on
the right.

Here's the repaired cross feed nut in closeup - the new left-hand
acme rod was turned down to .375, the old worn-out threaded portion
of the cross-feed screw cut-off and the end drilled & reamed to the
same dimension.  The turned down shank was tapped in w/ red