Steamboat #2 - The Sea Lion.


We've had a lot of fun in the Otter, and very much enjoy exploring quiet rivers and bays with her engine ticking over quietly....
but we really liked being in the San Juans in the Otter, and we live just a few miles from S.F. Bay, and both those cruising
grounds are a little large for a 19' boat with a scant 1' of freeboard. We'd also like to be able to sleep aboard, and take
extended cruises.... but I'm not really ready to fight the moorage space battles,  and tying ourselves down to one particular
cruising ground seems so limiting, somehow, after being so many places with the Otter.

Well, after talking this over at length with my brother Mark, the naval architect, we came up with the
following list of requirements:

  • Capable of sleeping 2  comfortably, 4 for short periods.
  • Comfortable on SF Bay or the San Juan Islands, which really means an enclosed wheel house.
  • Capable of  2 weeks cruising w/o watering or refueling.
  • Trailerable (not easy to trailer, or trailerable behind a Pinto, but trailerable behind our 7000 lb F250).
  • Capable of spending most of her time out of the water w/o developing leaks.
  • Classic lines and looks.
  • Steam powered, of course!

  • Well, here's the preliminary sketch.  She's

  • 32' x 8' x 3', with a displacement of some 7000 to 8000 lb..
  • To be equipped w/ engine and boiler capable of 12 hp sustained output at 350 rpm, swinging a 30" prop.
  • About 9000 lb. on a 3 axle trailer sans crew.
  • To be built using some of Reuel Parker's techniques in "The New Cold-Molded Boat Building".

  • sea lion drawing

    Hull details....

    Engine details