2007 - what actually happened

roboshaw at BM 2007

Roboshaw's major improvements focused on including fire for 2007, something that proved quite popular with passengers and bystanders alike.   The dual propane poofers controlled from the driver's seat made for hours of fun; the careful use of stainless tubing meant the fire effect would reach a considerable vertical distance without consuming excessive amounts of propane:

roboshaw visiits Sun Microsystems

Some more hightlights from 2007:

  • Most of the ideas discussed in in the 2007 plans section were implemented, though as usual some were left to later years.

  • Using 1" lexan tubes and stabilizing the cold cathode tubes w/ silicone was a 100% fix for the mortality problems.... no failures at all.  In fact, I'm now using the same design on my commuter bicycle, with excellent results.
  • The chain oiler was not implemented; instead, daily application of moly chain lube designed for off-road motorcycles was used.  Worked pretty well, but chain was still beat by the end.
  • The arcade-style video game actuators for the microswitches that controlled the poofers got clogged with dust early on, and the microswitches had to be removed and operated directly.
  • Propane gas regulator proved somewhat temperamental w/ resulting pilot light issues.
  • The rear wheels were making ominous creaking sounds by the end of the week; the repeated pleas to carry more passengers amidst rough playa conditions took their toll.
  • Engine recoil starter failed again; there's something about the desert conditions that just wear out the rope in short order.
  • For some reason, very few pictures got taken of Roboshaw in 2007 - need to fix for next year!