2008 - What actually happened

< Due to difficulties w/ cameras, our 2008 pictures are not posted>

Aside from picture taking problems, we had excellent results from most of our
changes to RoboShaw for 2008, even with the rather miserable playa conditions.

  • The new rear wheels worked very well, but like the previous one's I'd used, the bearings weren't up to the task.  They quickly failed, but held together well enough to use all week when we saturated them w/ moly chain lube - good stuff!
  • The poofer buttons are now manual starter buttons, which took a pounding literally while getting drummed on - worked really well. 
  • Propane changes worked well - no drama.  Passed fire inspect w/ the comment- "first one I've seen done right all night".
  • The blinking LED lights in RoboShaw's head got repaired for 2008, but are still subject to wire fatigue.  This will need completel redesign....
  • The rear platform worked flawlessly - excellent tracking, carried 3 people w/o strain, and made our usual "moop patrol" (grab any moop on the playa you see and toss it in one of the trash buckets on the rear) really easy; we didn't even need to stop, as folks could just step off the 6" high platform and grab the stuff, and get back on w/o stopping.