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Kahuna Nui

Kahuna Nui is intended for extended cruising and offshore sailing with a larger crew than Kahuna can accommodate.

Construction is straightforward: framed strip-planked construction, with the option of cold molded veneers over the strip planked hull.  Softwoods are used for planking and structural members, and epoxy as both a glue and coating.

Several layouts are offered, as well as a pilothouse version.

Kahuna Particulars

LOA (on deck)                    


Long. Center of Buoyancy

17.8’ aft of Sta 0



Prismatic Coeff.




Pounds/inch i mm.


Draft (keel version)

Dellenbaugh Angle



20,800 (keel)

Wind pressure coeff.


Sail Area (working)

850 ft²

Moment to trim 1”

2048 ft-lb

Sail Area/ Disp. (gaff rig, working sail)


Wetted surface

372 ft²

 Disp. / Length

 258 (keel)

Maximum righting moment

 55,000 ft-lbs at 70 degrees

Limit of positive stability (hull only)

 125 degrees

37' gaff rigged motorsailer

Pilothouse version of Kahuna Nui, now under construction in Montana

Kahuna Nui
                    Pilothouse Layout

37' cruising cutter

Long cabin version of Kahuna.

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