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Specializing in wood and wood/epoxy construction

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Plan and Payment Options, Prices
and Secure Online Ordering
Payment options

I can accept payment via credit card or by check

Credit card payments: I use PayPal's secure online system. To order plans using a credit card, click on the appropriate button below. This will take you to my secure payment pages at PayPal. Study plans are sent as PDFs via email; full plans are sent either as PDF files via email or as paper plans using the US Postal System. If you order full paper plans I will email a confirmation of your order when the plans are mailed.

Payment by check: I can accept checks in US dollars drawn on US banks. Please send the check to me at the following address:

Mark Smaalders Yacht Designs, P.O. Box 1626, Eastsound WA 98245 USA

Note: when paying by check, informing me of your order by email will speed up processing!

Study plans
If you're interested in any of my designs, I encourage you to order a set of study plans. These include sufficient construction details to make realistic cost estimates. Study plans include sail plan(s), accommodation plan(s), inboard profile, deck layout, and construction section.

All study plans are available in PDF format only ($10 per design) -- these will be emailed to you, usually within 24 hours of your order.

PDF STUDY PLANS ($10 per design)
Design name

Building plans
Full plans include sail plan(s), accommodation plan(s), inboard profile, deck layout, and construction sections plus lines and offsets, construction drawings, spar drawings, and detail drawings for hardware, fittings, and joinery. Full plan prices include 6 hours of consultation (via mail or email) during the building process with no additional charge.

PDF Files. I normally send building plans as PDF files; these are sent via email, and represent significant savings (between $100 and $200 depending on the design, plus shipping) over the price for paper plans. The PDF files are high resolution, and can be printed at any good copy shop. The result will be the same as the paper copies I would send you. Having the PDFs will also allow you to print an extra copy should you need one during construction.

Paper Plans. Full plans on paper (typically 18" x 24" or 24" x 36" sheets) are delivered via the US Postal Service. Shipping is $20 in the US, and $30 on international orders (shipping charges added prior to checkout).

Building Plans
Full plans (PDF)
Full plans (paper)
Olga 28 (28' power cruiser, gasoline outboard or diesel inboard with saildrive)
Sandy (23', centerboard, gaff cutter)
Wynfall (26', keel or centerboard, gaff or Bermudan cutter rig)
Austral (29', keel, gaff or Bermudan cutter)
North Sea 29 (29', centerboard, gaff or Bermudan cutter)
Kahuna (32', keel, gaff or Bermudan cutter)
Kahuna Nui (37', keel, gaff or Bermudan cutter, standard or  pilothouse)

To order select the design name in the correct box to the right
Building plans (PDF)
Building plans (Paper)
Building plans

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